Prashant Panigrahi

Wireless Charging - Samsung Invests $4 million in PowerbyProxi

Samsung announced that they are investing $4 million in New Zealand based wireless charging company PowerbyProxi. PowerbyProxi is specialized in wireless charging technology which can charge multiple devices at the same time. Samsung also partnered with PowerbyProxi to produce new consumer grade wireless charging solutions. The deal marks first partnership in wireless power for Samsung Electro-Mechanics. PowerbyProxi which already has (more ..)

VoLTE end-to-end architecture

Comprehensive VoLTE – Voice Over LTE description with details on end-to-end architecture, call handling, roaming and handover to UMTS and GSM. LTE as its core is an all IP network in which data connectivity is given more importance than traditional voice and SMS services. But similar to its predecessors LTE eventually require a way to support CS and messaging services (more ..)

Hetnet in LTE

Heterogeneous networks (HetNets), consisting of Macro NodeBs (macros) and low power Pico NodeBs (picos), can increase system capacity by offloading some users to the picos. However, this offloading may be limited due to intercell interference from macros to picos that reduces their coverage. HSPA Multi-carrier HetNets allow the use of range expansion techniques to achieve more offloading, such as power (more ..)

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Emergency Sessions - Part 1

Non Voice Emergency Service (NOVES ) allows the UE to use other media and communication types other than voice and GTT during an IMS emergency session when the network supports IMS emergency service and the UE also supports other media or communication types.

In case of Emergency session over IMS, Emergency sessions should be prioritized over non-emergency sessions by the system.