LoRaWAN Frequency Bands

LoRaWAN operates in the sub-gigahertz frequency bands and it’s specification varies from region to region because of regulatory requirement.

At the time of writing this tutorial LoRaWAN specifications for Europe and North America were defined. Other regions like China, Korea, Japan and India do not have final specification till now.

LoRa Frequency Bands

LoRaWAN Europe Frequency Band

  • LoRaWAN defines ten channels for Europe. Out of which 8 channels are multi data rate from 250 bps to 5.5 kbps.
  • One channel can operate at higher data rate with a speed of 11 kbps.
  • And, one FSK channel at 50 kbps

The maximum power allowed is +14dBM.

LoRaWAN for North America

LoRaWAN defines 64, 125 kHz channels from 902.3 to 914.9 MHz increments.

There are an additional eight 500 KHz uplink channels in 1.6 MHz increments from 903 MHz to 914 MHz. The eight downlink channels are 500 kHz wide starting from 923.3 MHz to 927.5 MHz.

The maximum output power for North America is +30 dBM.

LoRa Specification

LoRaWAN specification defines the LoRa protocol.