LTE Layer 2 Protocol

MAC architecture on UE side

This tutorial describes the specific details of the LTE MAC layer or the Medium Access Control protocol. MAC is a radio network protocol which resides both in the UE and in the E-UTRAN. Also, it should be noted that MAC protocol is available for both User plane and also for the control plane. RRC (Radio Resource Control) protocol is in (more ..)

3GPP LTE RLC UE and NodeB Stack

RLC is a layer 2 protocol in LTE UE and NodeB. RLC – Radio Link Control protocol is a data link layer protocol. RRC (Radio Resource Control) is generally controls RLC configuration via RRC-RLC SAP. A RLC entity receives/delivers RLC SDUs from/to upper layer and ends/receives RLC PDUs to/from its peer RLC entity via lower layers. If RLC entity configured (more ..)