LTE CS Fallback (CSFB) Call Flow Procedure

LTE is an all-IP network with no CS support. To support voice communication operators have many options. Voice Over LTE Voice Over WiFi CS Fallback Let’s check briefly about the above options for voice communication. Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) VoLTE is the true solution for voice communication over the all-IP LTE network. It uses the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) to (more ..)

Future of wireless communication

Mobile communications have seen a lot of innovation in recent times and there is still much more to come. We have moved from the GSM circuit switched voice system to complex services employing the Internet Protocol as the communications substrate. Mobile communications standards such as HSPA Advance and LTE have become jargon when talking about the 4G mobile networks. However, (more ..)

LTE Radio Resource Control (RRC) System Information

System Information is divided into MasterInformationBlock and a number of SystemInformationBlocks. UE needs to locate and read the system information before establishing any connection to the E-UTRA. SystemInformationBlockType1 and all SI messages are transmitted on DL-SCH. UE shall apply the system information acquisition procedure: upon selecting and upon reselecting, after handover completion, after entering E-EUTRA from other RAT, upon return (more ..)