Prashant Panigrahi

1 Billion 4G LTE Phones by 2018

According to latest research from CCS Insight 4G LTE is the fastest growing mobile technology. More than half of all phones sold in Western Europe in 2014 will be LTE enabled. The CSS Insight reported that a hefty 56 percent of all phones sold in Western Europe in 2014 will be with LTE capabilities. On the network front LTE is (more ..)

VoLTE Vs Over-the-Top VoIP Services like WhatsApp

VoLTE is the buzzword but is it better than all the Over-the-Top VOIP services offered now. Services including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber or Line all are providing or planning to offer VOIP services. Then why VoLTE. Is VoLTE has any advantages over all the existing services. According to latest report from NSN Lab, VoLTE is in fact way ahead in terms (more ..)

Anite Announces 4×4 MIMO Support

Anite, a global leader in wireless equipment testing technology today announced 4×4 MIMO device testing capability to support chipset and device manufacturers. Anite will be the first Test Equipment manufacturer to provide chipset and device manufacturers the ability to verify their 4×4 Downlink (DL) MIMO designs and products The ability to verify 4×4 Downlink (DL) MIMO designs and products is (more ..)

Intra-LTE Handover Using the S1 Interface

The S1-based handover procedure is used when the X2-based handover cannot be used. These are some examples when S1-based handover can be used. There is no X2 connectivity to the target eNodeB; by an error indication from the T-eNB after an unsuccessful X2-based handover; or by dynamic information learnt by the S-eNB using the STATUS TRANSFER procedure. The S-eNB initiates (more ..)

Intra-LTE Handover Using the X2 Interface System Architecture

Intra-LTE (Intra-MME/SGW) handover using the X2 interface is used to handover a UE from a source eNodeB (S-eNB) to a target eNodeB (T-eNB) using the X2 interface when the Mobility Management Entity (MME) and Serving Gateway (SGW) are unchanged. This scenario is possible only when there is a direct connection exists between source eNodeB and target eNodeB with the X2 (more ..)