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  1. Hi, I like to know more about TAS. Kindly explain or point to material where I can learn more about that.

  2. Hi Dear Prashant

    I Have a question about Fast Dormancy, I want to know, what’s different between different values of T323? another word, I want to know what’s benefit in different timer? if set t323=120 s or if set t323=5 ?

    thanks in advance

  3. Hi can you send the question to Also add all details so it will be easy to understand

  4. Hi, Could you please help me to know the number of eNodeB connected to one MME ? Is there any reference for that ?

  5. I am doing Ph.D on UL scheduling in LTE. I need LTE simulator . Do you help me how to get LTE simulator .

  6. Dear Prashant,

    My team intends to develop an tool to parse the trace files from the LTE air interface. We want to cooperate you and your team. Could you pls give suggestion how we can go forward? Thanks!

  7. Hi
    I encounter a issue when i use the 3gpp decoder.
    when i want to decoder the RLC data “D6F0CE75F1A30433D8033C427EDC99845ABF”, the decoder said:

    Data or Control (D/C) [1 Bit ] :: 0 Acknowledged mode Control PDU
    PDU Type [3 Bits ] ::13 Invalid Control PDU

    actually, it is a data PDU.

  8. Hi Prashant,

    Very Nice tool to analyse the text based logs.

    i have used it in Window PC.

    Now days iam working on Linux machines.
    Any Help on linux machine to use
    TextAnalysisTool.NET – The Best Tool for Text Log Analysis


  9. Hi Rajkumar,

    I am also on Linux most of the time. At this moment I am using simple GREP to filter out required logs.If you are working with ADB logcat, use grep while taking log.

    for example adb logcat -b radio > grep -i “IMS\|SETUP_DATA”

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