Qualcomm’s Toq smart watch will launch on December 2 with $329 price tag

Qualcomm is big name in wireless modem and complete mobile solutions, but producing wearable devices are definitely a new challenge for the company. Lately almost all mobile phone and consumer electronics companies shown their interest in Smart Watch business.

SONY was the first one to bring in such a wearable device in the form of SmartWatch brand name and followed the trend this year with more powerful SmartWatch 2.

Similar to SONY Samsung released it’s wearable smart watch, Galaxy Gear this year. But reports claim that Samsung Galaxy Gear is not doing that great because of compatibility issues with existing smartphones and tablets as well as lack of features.

Similar to other brands Qualcomm Toq will be a companion device and will work as a sidekick for Android devices. Qualcomm Toq smart watch will display incoming call and message information and other notifications.

Qualcomm’s Toq will connect to Android devices via Bluetooth and includes a number of Qualcomm-specific technologies including the company’s Mirasol display technology, which Qualcomm said is always on and always visible and uses ambient light to “enable a crisp and clear viewing experience even in bright sunlight.”

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