LTE Radio Interface Protocol Stack

This week I was giving a workshop on LTE RLC overview, when someone asked me how the LTE RLC ARQ works and what are the differences from UMTS. It was a awesome discussion. Though I was giving the workshop, but with that discussion I also became clear with many technical points. Radio Link Protocol in LTE is much more simpler (more ..)

LTE (E-UTRA) UM RLC PDU Encoding With Examples

LTE Unacknowledged Mode (UM) RLC PDU overview is discussed in another tutorial. If you want to learn the basics of UM data PDUs you can check the following tutorial. LTE RLC PDU Structure & Encoding In this tutorial examples for most important encoding techniques used for UM RLC PDUs are discussed. UMD PDU with 5 bit SN (No LI) Assumptions (more ..)