Will Nokia’s 2011 Results Bring Some Hope?

Nokia will publish its fourth quarter and 2011 years result on 26th January 2011. Since the last few years the largest Mobile Phone manufacturer in the world is struggling a lot due to strong competitions from smart phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. It is not only the smart phones but Nokia’s feature phone segment is now in trouble as many cheap vendors are eating up its market shares from Nokia’s favorite marketplaces like India and Pakistan.

Among all this darkness Nokia did some really good changes in their ways of working, like making Microsoft’s mobile platform as their primary mobile OS. The other good move was Nokia’s alliance with many operators in North America where its market share is not so great. In the US, Nokia has now partnered with At&T and T-Mobile. With AT&T Nokia offered it’s Lumia 900 smart phones while with T-Mobile the Lumia 710 smart phones. Both of these smart phones are powered by the Microsoft’s Mobile OS, which will tap into a niche market. Though the smart phones were not a game changer for Nokia but good reviews by media and consumers definitely gave some boost Nokia’s dooming business.

The 2011 third quarter results of Nokia were not so impressive, but the best thing about Nokia is that they already figured out where they are losing and where to improve.

Apart from smart phones and mobile handset business, Nokia has another big struggling unit, Nokia Siemens Network. On its part Nokia Siemens Network has also made some good moves last year like buying the Motorola Networks and increasing their footprint in the US market. With a reported 17000 cuts many in the services business unit, the focus for them remains on mobile broadband R&D. They face strong challenges from their Chinese counterparts especially since Motorola was using Huawei as its supplier for the radio, it is anybody’s guess the complexities this might lead to between NSN and Huawei.

During the last year Nokia delisted itself in numbers of stock exchanges like Frankfurt, London, Paris and Stockholm Stock Exchanges. Which is surely a big concern for its share holders around the world.

But after all these Nokia needs to take better decisions to make it’s loyal costumers and share holders happy.

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