Wireless Charging – Samsung Invests $4 million in PowerbyProxi

Samsung announced that they are investing $4 million in New Zealand based wireless charging company PowerbyProxi. PowerbyProxi is specialized in wireless charging technology which can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Samsung also partnered with PowerbyProxi to produce new consumer grade wireless charging solutions. The deal marks first partnership in wireless power for Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

PowerbyProxi which already has products for commercial industries such as construction, telecommunications, defense and agriculture. One product is a wireless control system for wind turbines.

The announcement signals Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ commitment to wireless power and wireless charging as a key technology for the future of consumer electronics and home appliances, Samsung said in a statement.

“Our research identified PowerbyProxi as a leader in wireless power technology based on its expertise, track record and comprehensive patent portfolio,” Hugh Kim, director of Wireless Charging Development for Samsung Electro-Mechanics, said. “We are excited to work together on innovative consumer products that will raise the bar for our industry.”

PowerbyProxi is an existing active member of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which create standards for wireless charging. Right now WPC task force is working to define a wireless power resonant extension to the Qi (pronounced “chee”) specification. Qi is the most widely adopted wireless charging specification today.

“Receiving this investment from the world’s leading consumer electronics brand is a clear endorsement of our wireless power IP portfolio,” said Greg Cross, chairman and CEO, PowerbyProxi. “Samsung’s shareholding reinforces our leading position in wireless power transfer and will help us both serve our customers better.”

PowerbyProxi has already received investment of $5 million from TE Connectivity and existing investor, Movac to power-up its wireless charging research.

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