Anite launches LTE-A carrier aggregation network testing solution

Anite announced it’s LTE-A carrier aggregation network testing solution for operators and network vendors. This is the first to release LTE-A carrier aggregation (“CA”) solution for mobile network testing. The new test platform Nemo Outdoor helps operators to monitor the performance and quality of their LTE-A networks.

Operators around the world are deploying LTE network right now and LTE Advanced is the next big thing. Operators will benefit from carrier aggregation which will help to provide wireless services equivalent to ‘fiber to your phone’. Carrier aggregation allows mobile operators to increase the bandwidth and, consequently, the bitrates. This is accomplished by combining spectrum resources. Each aggregated carrier is referred to as a component carrier, and each component carrier corresponds to a serving cell.

LTE-A CA measurements with Nemo Outdoor provide detailed information about the primary and secondary component carriers, including physical cell ID, signal levels and quality. Also link adaptation and radio resource allocation can be monitored among many other detailed LTE parameters. The new carrier aggregation testing feature complements the testing capabilities of existing mobile technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) in addition to supporting the analysis and optimisation of heterogeneous networks where a combination of macro, pico and small cells are deployed to maximise coverage and capacity.

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