145 DC-HSPA+ and 338 HSPA+ networks launched in 2013

3GPP HSPA-Network-Deployment-2013
According to latest GSMA report HSPA deployment is the latest global trend with all the WCDMA operators in (532 in 203 countries) successfully deployed – High Speed Packet Access(HSPA) technology.

HSPA+ which boost the performance of HSPA technology with dynamic improvement of data throughput. 338 HSPA+ networks are commercially launched in 148 countries. This is a big trend in 2013 when operators all over the world busy in rolling out LTE networks.

Along with HSPA+, 145 DC-HSPA+ networks (over 27% of all HSPA networks) are commercially launched in 75 countries.

3GPP Release 9 combines multicarrier and MIMO technologies in 10 MHz bandwidth to achieve 84 Mbps peak downlink, and some operators have committed to deploy this evolution step.

313 operators (over 58%) have commercially launched HSUPA. 244 operators (i.e. 78% of commercial HSUPA systems) support 5.8 Mbps peak data throughput on the uplink. A further 18 networks support 11.5 Mbps.


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