Audi A3 will come with LTE connectivity

Audi A3 LTE Enabled Car
Audi A3 LTE Enabled Car

Audi will bring in LTE connectivity to its A3 sedan soon and this will be Audi’s first LTE enabled car. In the past Audi has cars with 3G connectivity.

Audi USA President Scott Keogh said that drivers want LTE connectivity options and hinted that the company’s new A3 sedan, which is expected to be featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, may offer drivers the ability to choose their LTE provider.

In an interview with CNET, Keogh said that Audi will make announcements at CES about Audi Connect, the connected feature package that Audi offers in various models of its vehicles.

But when asked about who will provide the service and what kind of LTE module will power the car, Keogh declined to comment.

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