Best Free Resources To Learn 3GPP LTE

Either you are a 3G, LTE or LTE Advanced developer or a tester you will definitely love to have these free study materials and Webcast CDs from Agilent. If you do not know about Agilent, it is one of the biggest wireless test equipments manufacturer in the world.

Agilent is specialized in range of products staring from Oscilloscopes, Protocol Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Bit Error Ratio Test Solutions, EMI/EMC, Phase Noise, Physical Layer Test Systems and many other important test and debugging products.

This free study materials from Agilet includes

Posters on Mobile Computing Interfaces Architecture, Evolving Wireless Standards, Understanding the Intricacies of LTE, Ten Things You Should Know About MIMO.

Best Free Resources To Learn 3GPP LTE (Long Term Evolution)

Free LTE Webcast CDs of

  • LTE Design & Test Fundamentals Volume 1
    • Addressing the Design & Verification Challenges of 3GPP LTE
    • Understanding SC-FDMA – The New LTE Uplink
    • LTE Protocol Primer • RF Measurements for LTE
    • LTE Protocol Control and Signaling
  • LTE Design & Test Fundamentals Volume 2
    • Ten Things You Should Know about MIMO
    • MIMO RF Measurements – Choosing and Using Tools
    • Taking LTE MIMO from Standards to Starbucks
    • LTE MIMO System Level Design and Test
    • Making the Journey from WiMAX to LTE
    • Addressing the Design and Verification Challenges of Cognitive Radio and SDR
    • Introduction to LTE Advanced
  • LTE Design & Test Fundamentals Volume 3
    • Completing LTE eNB Closed-loop Conformance Tests
    • Over-The-Air (OTA) Test Methods to Evaluate the Performance of MIMO Handsets
    • How to Verify the Data in Your LTE Downlink Signal
    • 4G For Everyone: Extended RF Performance with Digital Pre-Distortion
    • Understanding Cross Modulation Effects in a Full Duplex LTE

Apart from that you can download App notes, Brochure and Software

  • MIMO in LTE Operation and Measurement–Excerpts on LTE Test
  • MIMO Performance and Condition Number in LTE Test
  • Measuring ACLR Performance in LTE Transmitters
  • Stimulus-Response Testing for LTE Components
  • Greater Insight into LTE Design and Test
  • Move Forward to What’s Possible in TD-LTE Design & Test Solutions
  • 89600 VSA Software Trial CD
  • Signal Studio Software Trial CD

Agilent gives two options for you to get these. Either you can download or Agilent will ship all these study materials to you without any charge.

Check the below link to download or order these useful LTE resources.

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