VoLTE Battery Issue and Solution from ST Ericsson

VoLTE was in bad limelight because of it’s battery performance issues. I wrote an article how VoLTE will consume twice battery than traditional voice calls. The study was done by Metrico Wireless using LG Connect 4G on MetroPCS network.

ST Ericsson provided a new white paper which clarifies all doubts around VoLTE. Without VoLTE CDMA/LTE systems suffer a severe penalty in that they use a concept called Simultaneous Voice and LTE – SVLTE. This means that during a voice call, both the CDMA radio and the LTE radio are in full operation. The consequence of this is clearly visible in the Metrico data, which also shows the obvious fact that VoLTE+LTE consume less power than CDMA+LTE.

Volte Battery Test (LTE vs CDMA)

But LTE Networks with 3GPP based legacy systems like UMTS and GSM does not suffer from these issue. Also CDMA + LTE solutions based on fall-back schemes do not have this problem.

ST Ericsson provided many way to tackle this issue using better software architecture, optimizing radio hardware and transmission protocols.

What do you think about these solutions? Will these really help in solving battery issue in VoLTE?

Here is the the ST Ericsson white paper on VoLTE battery problem and solution for the problem.

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