Prashant Panigrahi

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Emergency Sessions - Part 1

Non Voice Emergency Service (NOVES ) allows the UE to use other media and communication types other than voice and GTT during an IMS emergency session when the network supports IMS emergency service and the UE also supports other media or communication types.

In case of Emergency session over IMS, Emergency sessions should be prioritized over non-emergency sessions by the system.

Minimization of drive test

Wireless network is one of the most complex system and to make sure that the Network is working as per the standards and serving the users optimally, the telecom operators perform drive tests. These tests are carried out for different reasons, some times to optimize the network and some other times to debug certain issues in a particular area. The (more ..)

Rohde & Schwarz Tests VoLTE and Audio Quality

Rohde&Schwarz demonstrated voice over LTE (VoLTE) and audio quality measurements with the R&S®CMW500 wideband communication tester and the R&S®UPV audio analyzer at LTE North America 2011. For the demonstration a commercial LTE USB dongle in collaboration with an IMS client running on a PC was used to simulate a VoLTE-capable device. This setup registered to an IMS server via LTE (more ..)

Will Nokia's 2011 Results Bring Some Hope?

Nokia will publish its fourth quarter and 2011 years result on 26th January 2011. Since the last few years the largest Mobile Phone manufacturer in the world is struggling a lot due to strong competitions from smart phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.

Radio Link Control Protocol (RLC) is a layer 2 protocol in the UMTS system. This tutorial is an overview of RLC functionalities and architecture.

  • Radio Interface Architecture
  • RLC main functionalities
  • Data flow between layers
  • Model of RLC Sublayer
  • RLC Protocol Data Unit
  • RLC State Model
WCDMA Physical Layer: Principles and Features

Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) is the physical layer used for Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (UTRA) FDD mode. The WCDMA technology provides the UMTS system some of the new functionalities on the air interface.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Spreading and Scrambling
  • Transport Channel Combining
  • Soft Handover
  • Compressed Mode
  • Power Control
UTRAN Interfaces and Protocols

UTRAN Interfaces are the most important point to start learning about the whole system. In this tutorial you can learn the following topics:

  • UMTS Interfaces
  • Protocols on different interfaces
  • Standard numbers and links to the different standards