Rohde & Schwarz LTE Basics Webinar (FDD and TDD)

This is the Rohde & Schwarz LTE (E-UTRA) webinar. In this webinar basics of LTE technology are explained.

Motivation for LTE

  • LTE market situation
  • LTE background study
  • Requirements in LTE
  • Evolution of LTE

LTE Technology Basics & OFDMA

  • LTE key parameters
  • LTE frequency bands
  • What is OFDMA
  • Difference between OFDM and OFDMA
  • OFDM time-frequency multiplexing
  • LTE frame structure 1 and 2

Instruction to SC-FDMA in Uplink

  • How to generate SC-FDMA
  • SC-FDMA peak to average power ratio.
  • SC-FDMA parametrization

LTE (E-UTRA) Network and Protocol Architecture

  • LTE/SAE network architecture
  • User plane and Control plane protocols
  • Mapping between logical channel and transport channel
  • UE categories
  • Radio Procedures
  • Mapping between logical channel and transport channel
  • UE categories

Radio Procedures

  • Cell Search & cell selection procedure
  • Downlink physical channels and signals
  • Primary Synchronization Signal
  • Secondary Synchronization Signal
  • Downlink reference signals
  • Master information block
  • System Information block
  • Random access procedure
  • Hybrid ARQ
  • Bearer setup

Uplink Physical Channels and Signals

  • Uplink Frequency hopping
  • Demodulation Reference Signal in uplink
  • Sounding Reference Signal in uplink
  • PUSCH power control & timing relation
  • Physical uplink control channel (PUCCH)

LTE Mobility Procedures & MIMO

  • Handover (Intra-MME/Serving Gateway)
  • LTE Internetworking with 2G/3G
  • LTE Internetworking with CDMA2000
  • Downlink Transmit Diversity
  • Downlink spatial diversity

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