6 Interesting Use Cases of 5G Technology


The last generation of mobile communication was all about higher bit-rate to deal will massive mobile broadband. 5G as a technology will not only focus on high-bit rate but at the same time, it will have goals towards low bit-rate devices and sensors for IoT applications.

5G will be backbone of many new type of services starting from broadband connectivity to large public areas to remote automation to critical machines in dangerous work environments, such as mines.

As we speak 3GPP and other organizations are working on the specifications for the 5G standards.

The two main advantages of 5G will be its network security and low power consumption. Both of these are required for mass machine type communication deployments.

5G system use cases

Broadband Experience – Everywhere, Anytime

LTE or Long Term Evolution (4G) helped to achieve new heights when it comes to mobile broadband. But with the ever increasing demand for mobile data, 5G will provide even better data rate and at the same time will have better system capacity.

The plan is to provide Mobile broadband directly to crowded areas, such as shopping malls and football stadiums.

5G will provide better connectivity both for indoor and outdoor customers.

Smart Vehicles – Connected Cars

A lot of focus is to provide autonomous driving experience. Companies like Apple, Google, Volvo and Uber are putting a lot of efforts to develop connected cars and other smart vehicles.

5G will help to provide the network part of this new technology.

Media Everywhere

Media is the single most reason for massive increase in mobile broadband demand from last few years.

5G will have the capability to provide Live TV, On-demand video streaming, gaming. The requirement is to provide media in 4K, 8K, HDR and HFR quality.

Critical Control of Remote Devices

The future is automation of everything. One of the use case for 5G is to provide better connectivity to heavy machineries, smart-grids and remote surgeries.

The beneficiaries will be manufacturing, mining and healthcare industries.

Human Internet of Things

Though IoT is all about connecting things, human play a big role in it. For example, your fitness band which tracks all your activity.

The main areas where 5G will make a difference are: augmented reality (AR), gaming, tracking, surveillance, smart-homes, smart-postage.

Though these are few use cases of 5G, the technology will create a lot of new type of services when it will be combined with IoT and other M2M devices.

5G Use Cases Infographic

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