Prashant Panigrahi

MAC architecture on UE side

This tutorial describes the specific details of the LTE MAC layer or the Medium Access Control protocol. MAC is a radio network protocol which resides both in the UE and in the E-UTRAN. Also, it should be noted that MAC protocol is available for both User plane and also for the control plane. RRC (Radio Resource Control) protocol is in (more ..)

LTE Soft handover

When LTE system was developed one of the big technical feature from UMTS Soft/Softer handover was missing from the architecture. There are many specific reasons why LTE dropped altogether soft handover (connect-before-break) from the system design. Before discussing about why LTE skipped soft handover and only implemented hard handover, let’s check the basic concept of soft/softer handover.

Confused Man

The term 3GPP specification covers all GSM (including GPRS and EDGE), W-CDMA (including HSPA) and LTE (including LTE-Advanced) specifications. Along with that network side terminology such as UTRAN, IMS, FOMA (in Japan) are also covered by 3GPP specifications. Each 3gpp specifications have their unique numbers. Though these numbers look complicated and unnecessary, they have their own significance. Assigning a unique (more ..)

Self Organizing Network helps in reducing the system overload in an automated way. This new video from Ericsson describes what is SON and how Self Organizing Network will help not only LTE but also in older technologies like 3G and 2G. Automation creates value within the network and self organizing networks are increasingly important not only to lower costs of (more ..)