The 5 Best LTE And LTE-Advanced Books

Did you ever struggle to read the 3GPP LTE and LTE Advanced from the standards directly? Some time its very hard to go through many specifications to find out simple things. As the 3GPP specifications are interlinked together and contents tons of information it is always good to follow a book.

Because LTE and LTE Advanced is the technology which will drive the future of mobile communication it is always good to have better knowledge on these.

Here is a list of books which you should use to refine your knowledge on LTE and LTE Advanced.

1. 4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband

This book focuses on LTE with full updates including LTE-Advanced to provide a complete picture of the LTE system. Overview and detailed explanations are given for the latest LTE standards for radio interface architecture, the physical layer, access procedures, broadcast, relaying, spectrum and RF characteristics, and system performance.

  • Key technologies presented include multi-carrier transmission, advanced single-carrier transmission, advanced receivers, OFDM, MIMO and adaptive antenna solutions, advanced radio resource management and protocols, and different radio network architectures. Their role and use in the context of mobile broadband access in general is explained.
  • Both a high-level overview and more detailed step-by-step explanations of the LTE/LTE-Advanced implementation are given. An overview of other related systems such as GSM/EDGE, HSPA, CDMA2000, and WIMAX is also provided.
  • Includes full details of the latest additions to the LTE Radio Access standards and technologies up to and including 3GPP Release 10
  • Clear explanations of the role of the underlying technologies for LTE, including OFDM and MIMO
  • Full coverage of LTE-Advanced, including LTE carrier aggregation, extended multi-antenna transmission, relaying functionality and heterogeneous deployments
  • LTE radio interface architecture, physical layer, access procedures, MBMS, RF characteristics and system performance covered in detail

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4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband

2. LTE – The UMTS Long Term Evolution: From Theory to Practice

The book highlights practical implications, illustrates the expected performance, and draws comparisons with the well-known WCDMA/HSPA standards. The authors not only pay special attention to the physical layer, giving an insight into the fundamental concepts of OFDMA-FDMA and MIMO, but also cover the higher protocol layers and system architecture to enable the reader to gain an overall understanding of the system.

  • Comprehensively updated with the latest changes of the LTE Release 8 specifications, including improved coverage of Radio Resource Management RF aspects and performance requirements
  • Provides detailed coverage of the new LTE Release 9 features, including: eMBMS, dual-layer beamforming, user equipment positioning, home eNodeBs / femtocells and pico cells and self-optimizing networks
  • Evaluates the LTE system performance
  • Introduces LTE-Advanced, explaining its context and motivation, as well as the key new features including: carrier aggregation, relaying, high-order MIMO, and Cooperative Multi-Point transmission (CoMP).
  • Includes an accompanying website containing a complete list of acronyms related to LTE and LTE-Advanced, with a brief description of each.

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LTE – The UMTS Long Term Evolution: From Theory to Practice

3. LTE for UMTS: Evolution to LTE-Advanced

This new edition also provides an outlook to Release 10, including the overview of Release 10 LTE-Advanced technology components which enable reaching data rates beyond 1 Gbps.
Key updates for the second edition of LTE for UMTS are focused on the new topics from Release 9 & 10, and include:

  • Self optimized networks (SON);
  • Transport network dimensioning;
  • Measurement results.

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LTE for UMTS: Evolution to LTE-Advanced

4. LTE Signaling: Troubleshooting and Optimization

DO you work more on the call flows and signalling side of LTE then this book for you.

This book supplements the information provided in the 3GPP standards by giving readers access to a universal LTE/EPC protocol sequence to ensure they have a clear understanding of the issues involved. It describes the normal signaling procedures as well as explaining how to identify and troubleshoot abnormal network behavior and common failure causes.

  • Enables the reader to understand the signaling procedures and parameters that need to be analyzed when monitoring UMTS networks
  • Covers the essential facts on signaling procedures by providing first hand information taken from real LTE/EPC traces
  • A useful reference on the topic, also providing sufficient details for test and measurement experts who need to analyze LTE/EPC signaling procedures and measurements at the most detailed level
  • Contains a description of LTE air interface monitoring scenarios as well as other key topics up to an advanced level

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LTE Signaling: Troubleshooting and Optimization

5. SAE and the Evolved Packet Core: Driving the Mobile Broadband Revolution

This book provides a clear, concise, complete and authoritative introduction to System Architecture Evolution (SAE) standardization work and its main outcome: the Evolved Packet Core (EPC), including potential services and operational scenarios. After providing an insightful overview of SAE’s historical development, the book gives detailed explanations of the EPC architecture and key concepts as an introduction. In-depth technical descriptions of EPC follow, including thorough functional accounts of the different components of EPC, protocols, network entities and procedures.

  • Up-to-date coverage of SAE including the latest standards development
  • Easily accessible overview of the architecture and concepts defined by SAE
  • Thorough description of the Evolved Packet Core for LTE, fixed and other wireless accesses
  • Comprehensive explanation of SAE key concepts, security and Quality-of-Service
  • Covers potential service and operator scenarios including interworking with existing 3GPP and 3GPP2 systems
  • Detailed walkthrough of network entities, protocols and procedures
  • Written by established experts in the SAE standardization process, all of whom have extensive experience and understanding of its goals, history and vision

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SAE and the Evolved Packet Core: Driving the Mobile Broadband Revolution

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