3G LTE Questions and Answers

I got this question long back from one of 3glteinfo reader. Here is the specific question he asked: I have one doubt in VoLTE call flow like how we differentiate for MO VoLTE and MT VoLTE call? Means if we were given two MO/MT logs for VoLTE then how we can identify like which one is MO VoLTE or which (more ..)

What is LTE Direct - Device to Device Communication

LTE Direct is the autonomous long-distance D2D (Device to Device) protocol introduced in 3GPP Release 12 specification. This communication protocol will exploit direct communication between nearby LTE devices. The biggest benefit will be less spectrum utilization, better throughput, and energy consumption. At the same time, D2D will enable pear-to-pear location-based applications and services. As a theory LTE Direct can be (more ..)

6 Interesting Use Cases of 5G Technology

The last generation of mobile communication was all about higher bit-rate to deal will massive mobile broadband. 5G as a technology will not only focus on high-bit rate but at the same time, it will have goals towards low bit-rate devices and sensors for IoT applications.

13 Highest Paying Countries for LTE Testers

I was a tester for a long time and I was asked the following question from time to time. What is the best country to work as a LTE tester? In which country I can use my competence to get better compensation and live a better life.

LTE CS Fallback (CSFB) Call Flow Procedure

LTE is an all-IP network with no CS support. To support voice communication operators have many options. Voice Over LTE Voice Over WiFi CS Fallback Let’s check briefly about the above options for voice communication. Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) VoLTE is the true solution for voice communication over the all-IP LTE network. It uses the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) to (more ..)

How to Become the Best Interoperability (IOT) Tester

  Field test is challenging! I was tester for almost 5 years doing 3G and LTE field and lab test. I traveled across the globe to do interoperability testing with operators and network vendors. Each test session was unique and I learned a lot from each of those. I struggled in the beginning, but as I stated to travel more (more ..)