Multi-Carrier Heterogenous Networks (HetNet) Performance

Hetnet in LTE

Heterogeneous networks (HetNets), consisting of Macro NodeBs (macros) and low power Pico NodeBs (picos), can increase system capacity by offloading some users to the picos. However, this offloading may be limited due to intercell interference from macros to picos that reduces their coverage. HSPA Multi-carrier HetNets allow the use of range expansion techniques to achieve more offloading, such as power reduction from the macros on one carrier. “Performance Analysis of HSPA Multi-Carrier Heterogenous Networks” white paper provides a system level analysis of the gain provided by power reduction on one carrier of the macros in a HetNet environment. As the interference from the macros is reduced, more capacity offloading to picos occurs and higher system capacity can be achieved. By considering cell biasing in serving cell selection, further gains can be observed.

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