5G PPP - Future of Mobile Communication

Mobile internet and in particular the wireless network will evolve hundred-fold in next ten to fifteen years. To cope with the changes ETSI Future Mobile Summit discussed how 3GPP systems will ensure future stability as the network copes with an explosive growth in complexity and usage. With 3GPP providing the evolutionary framework for mobility, via its Releases of new functionality (more ..)

Crown Castel is all set to buy AT&T's towers portfolio

According to latest Bloomberg report AT&T is going to sell its tower portfolio to Crown Castel. This information is from an unidentified source and this may be just a rumor. Currently AT&T is generating revenue of $326 million from its tower lease agreements. AT&T has nearly 10,000 towers in its control. If this deal goes through this will definitely bring (more ..)


Telecom network equipments manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) all set to cut 15000 jobs worldwide to save costs and turn it’s fortune around. This is one of the last round of effort from the telecom giant to turn profitable. Out of 15000, ALU will cut 10000 workforce only in North and South America and rest of the layoffs will happen in Europe (more ..)

Audi A3 LTE Enabled Car

Audi will bring in LTE connectivity to its A3 sedan soon and this will be Audi’s first LTE enabled car. In the past Audi has cars with 3G connectivity. Audi USA President Scott Keogh said that drivers want LTE connectivity options and hinted that the company’s new A3 sedan, which is expected to be featured at the Consumer Electronics Show (more ..)

3GPP HSPA-Network-Deployment-2013

According to latest GSMA report HSPA deployment is the latest global trend with all the WCDMA operators in (532 in 203 countries) successfully deployed – High Speed Packet Access(HSPA) technology. HSPA+ which boost the performance of HSPA technology with dynamic improvement of data throughput. 338 HSPA+ networks are commercially launched in 148 countries. This is a big trend in 2013 (more ..)

Anite launches LTE-A carrier aggregation network testing solution

Anite announced it’s LTE-A carrier aggregation network testing solution for operators and network vendors. This is the first to release LTE-A carrier aggregation (“CA”) solution for mobile network testing. The new test platform Nemo Outdoor helps operators to monitor the performance and quality of their LTE-A networks. Operators around the world are deploying LTE network right now and LTE Advanced (more ..)