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3glteinfo FREE LTE tutorials and training to get basic and in depth knowledge on various 3GPP Long Term Evolution protocols and procedures.

If you are just starting with 3GPP LTE or you have some experience with wireless technologies, our LTE tutorials will help you to understand the next big thing on mobile evolution. LTE was first introduced in 3GPP Release 8 and the with every new releases advanced concepts are added to cope with increasing demand of mobile data rate.

All the online LTE tutorials on 3glteinfo are free of charge and we are adding new ones periodically. So if you do not find something which you are looking for, just shoot us an email( and we will try to add that too.

These LTE tutorials are added over time and if you find some errors or wrong information, please let us know by email ( We will fix those so that everyone will be benefited.

LTE Overview Tutorial – Introduction

Introduction to LTE

Is LTE 4G? What is difference between LTE and LTE Advanced?

LTE UE Category – Terminal Capabilities

LTE Physical Layer Tutorial – LTE Layer 1

LTE And LTE Advanced Frequency Bands And Spectrum Allocations

How to Calculate LTE Data Rate – Downlink Throughput

LTE MAC Tutorial – Medium Access Control Protocol

LTE MAC Layer – Medium Access Control

LTE MAC Header Structure

LTE RLC Tutorial – Radio Link Control

LTE RLC – Radio Link Control Protocol

LTE Logical Channels

LTE RLC PDU Structure & Encoding


LTE RLC UMD PDU Encoding and Decoding

LTE RRC Tutorial – Radio Resource Control

LTE Radio Resource Control (RRC) System Information

LTE Procedures Tutorials

LTE UE Initial Access

LTE And LTE Advanced Cell Selection Procedure

LTE Paging Explained

LTE Handover Overview

Intra-LTE Handover Using the X2 Interface

Intra-LTE Handover Using the S1 Interface

CS Fallback (CSFB ) in LTE

LTE Security Tutorial – Ciphering and Integrity

LTE Security Architecture

Other Important Information

Why no Soft Handover in LTE

Minimization of Drive Test Use Cases

LTE Resources and Tools

LTE Message Decoder – Decode RRC, NAS messages

LTE Resources: Free System Posters

Rohde & Schwarz LTE Basics Webinar (FDD and TDD)

Best Free Resources To Learn 3GPP LTE

The 5 Best LTE And LTE-Advanced Books


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